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Surf & Stay


This program is perfect for those who have never surfed, or tried a few times but never had more opportunities to continue. It targets those who want to take the full course in order to progress the most. Together with other participants in the group, our instructors will closely monitor your progress. They will ensure that you will improve your skills gradually according to their initial point. Our staff will do their utmost to surfarmos on the beach with the best conditions for your level, and where no lack of waves! We believe that the most important is that all have fun in the water, always safe and live surf emotions, knowing other surfers with the same "love" for surfing.

OUR typical day

Start the day with a great breakfast in our room, around 9PM. Once the coffee begins to take effect, our team will make the plan of the day and indicate the surfing destination of the day. We left the beach around 10H, to the beach with better conditions, where we start with a short introduction and heating. After 1: 30-2H in the water, it's lunchtime. After this pause, give place to the second class of the day. At the end of this lesson, you will be tired and your level of endorphins is very high, then it is time to go back to the beach and have a bath.

Usually our team organizes night wlks to the typical restaurants of Sagres, where everyone is welcome. At the dinner we have several choices, from a big barbecue, to a dinner with the whole team in the several fresh fish restaurants in Sagres. Everyone is invited to join with us, even if you are traveling alone, you will always have the company of everyone from day one.

After an excellent dinner, depending on your energy, it's time for a drink at the bars in the center or rest for the next day's surf!

Every Thursday we gather the group and we go to the most southwestern point of Europe (Cabo de São Vicente) to see sunset, the unique momento we want to share with everyone. On the last day of the Course, usually Fridays, it's time to review the whole week and share all the emotions with the other participants, so we gather for a barbecue, where everyone is welcome.

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