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Tony Samara - Detox Retreat - 2015

Meditation Workshop and Detox

Essential Practice Transcendent (TMP) - Algarve - December 2015 11:12:13

Tony Samara invites everyone to this wonderful retreat with his team had the privilege to create the Algarve in a fantastic location of a mystical beauty, situated near the sea and surrounded by the purity of nature .

There are many more things that Tony Samara would like to share with you at the retreat, and satsangs, which include the Mystic Way. Especially how to embrace these movements outside and inside ourselves, to make it powerful spiritual practice, rather than being a victim of it may seem overwhelming at times.
2015 is to be an interesting and powerful year and a clear map of how to navigate through life will be much easier to stay focused and clear.

Join Tony Samara as we embrace these powerful events from a perspective of consciousness.

"The conscious expansion that is God is within every cell in the body, each cell that makes up your nails, that makes up your bones that make up your hair, are you aware whether you are awake or asleep whether your mind is thinking, trying to understand something, or not. Consciousness is always there " - Tony Samara

Retreats Meditation and Detox Tony Samara offer:.

  • Lectures ( satsangs) morning and afternoon, interspersed with energy exercises
  • Working with dreams
  • gentle exercises (travel to the heart and essence)
  • Views (meditations that harmonize the body, the mind, and emotions)
  • meditation powerful Practices (whirling meditation)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Group exercises drawn from his wealth of experience with ancient shamanic traditions , Eastern and Buddhist Zen
  • Ability to experience a powerful detoxification and colon cleansing (at additional cost)
  • Yoga
  • and can always make fast!

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