Sagres Surf Lessons-Level 1

Get the thrill of sliding on a wave

Level 1 - Beginner

Prerequisites: None, suitable for those who have never experienced surfing or have not been practising for a long time.

Get the thrill of sliding on a wave. If it's your first time in the surfing environment, level 1 is for you! It will not be easy, but as soon as you can slide on the first wave, it will not be the same.

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Surf Lessons-Level 2

Challenge yourself and start surfing your first wave

Level 2 - Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisites: Able to catch, balance, stand during an already broken wave (foam), can surf some waves not broken "green", but not consistently

Already surfed a few times and already have the bases of surfing, so now is the time to improve your surfing and start surfing the first unbroken wave. Start being a true surfer and become an intermediate surfer!

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Surf Lessons-Level 3

Lose your fears and surf your first big Wave

Level 3 - Intermediate

Pre-requisites: Good board control and balance, can easily bend in the wave, with a non-consistent take off, good physical ability and swimming.

You already have the ability to surf waves, but you want to improve, your pop-up and how to cut a wave. We will improve the quality of your surf, how to position yourself and choose the best wave.

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Sagres Private Surf Lessons

Personalized accompaniment and attention to detail

Level 1-3 - Private

Prerequisites: None, only a diagnostic will be done to fit the corresponding level

In our private lessons you will have everything in mind, a transfer to the beach in private jeep, the choice of the best beach for you, your schedule, equipment, etc.

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